Dwight Atkinson, CEO – Active Mobility

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I have utilized the outstanding services from M.R.S. Medical Recovery Services. I owned several complex rehabilitation DME companies, three locations in VA and one in LA. When I sold the Virginia locations I had a substantial amount of receivables that my staff billers had stated they could not collect. Upon my research, I found M.R.S. and began negotiations with their professional team. Forty-eight hours later, I had a contract signed with M.R.S. and my A/R transferred to M.R.S.

M.R.S. scrubbed the A/R charts, and even found additional revenue that was collectable! Almost immediately, I started to receive payments on the outstanding A/R. It was very clear and evident that M.R.S. knew exactly the complexity of my rehabilitation equipment claims and were able to negotiate my supposedly dead claims as well.

I highly recommend M.R.S. to any company requiring complex billing solutions.

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