Dr. Kenneth Laxer

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Physicians practice medicine to take care of patients, not to micro-manage billing and collections. While some attention to office management is necessary, a significant number of practitioners hire professionals to take care of those responsibilities. This is what Kenneth D. Laxer’s neurology practice did and found themselves with a low collections percentage and subsequent cash flow impact.

After investigating the accounts receivable, it was determined that Medicare and Medical, which made up over 30% of the practice, had not been correctly billed for over three years by a prior and recently fired biller, plus the provider’s eligibility was erroneously de-activated three years earlier by Medicare.

While the hiring of a new and competent biller would bring current accounts up to date, the collection of over 250 Medicare claims rejected for ‘timely filing’ reasons required the focus and tenacity of a specialty service that knew who to contact and had the focus to stay engaged until the issues were resolved. Medical Recovery Services, Inc. was able to get Dr. Laxer’s Medicare provider eligibility reinstated and back-dated to rectify the erroneous deactivation. After much work re submitting claims, phone calls, chart investigations, re-submitting again because all the new claims were ‘lost’, payments for Medicare services were received.

We highly recommend using a specialty service like Medical Recovery Services, Inc. to recoup difficult payments. While billing services may be competent, they might lack the focus and knowledge of specialty services to address automatic, erroneous or unfair insurance denials.

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