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MRS services multiple types of businesses, including self-insured groups, attorneys, medical providers, and performs a variety of audits. MRS is dedicated to getting you and your business back on track with a proper assessment of medical expenditures and reimbursements. Click below to learn more.

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Patients are paying for and will continue to pay for deficiencies of the healthcare system unless you unite with MRS and say “ENOUGH”! Our Three-Prong Audit approach consists of the traditional Medical Record Audit, our unique Compliance Audit, and Fair & Reasonable Pricing Analysis.

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Saving money for Self-Insured Groups, Unions,
Attorneys, Consumers, and Providers.

Medical Bill Negotiation Experts

medical bill negotiationMedical Recovery Services can significantly reduce the total billed charges. We identify erroneous, fraudulent, and abusive billing practices, reducing medical bills to “true and accurate” and “fair and reasonable”. We are the experts in this field and obtain the documentation required to fight the battle and win your case. Our Nationally Acclaimed Medical Bill Auditing Service reduces bills with providers on your behalf significantly reducing your payout.

We work with attorneys throughout the country. We review medical charges for items and services that are not billable according to Federal Billing Regulations and AMA guidelines. We are experienced in helping our clients with all types of cases, to see a full list please visit our consulting section.

MRS provides medical bill negotiation services to give Self-Insured companies a turn-key healthcare benefit program. These services are offered either in addition to or in conjunction with a thorough, TPA-independent, and objective audit of your entire health care program.

We assist providers in collecting on aging accounts and holding insurance companies accountable for accurate reimbursement.