We Help Attorneys With Cases Involving Medical Providers and Hospital Bills.

Medical Bill Consultants

Every Patient Deserves a Fair, Reasonable and Accurate medical bill.

Our in-depth audit methodology not only ensures that facility billings conform to the medical record through our comprehensive Medical Record Audit, but also identifies fraudulent and abusive billing practices through our detailed line-by-line Compliance Audit and prices that are in excess of what is fair and reasonable through our Fair & Reasonable Pricing Analysis. We can then translate our findings into testimony that can help your case.

What distinguishes our company from other medical/hospital bill auditors is our compliance audit that is based on federal billing guidelines. Additionally, we target inflated charges that cannot be justified such as a $1,028 billing for a contrast solution that retails for $2.80.

We review every line of every bill from every provider looking for possible duplication, unbundling, probable data entry errors that produce inappropriate charges, and other frequently encountered errors. Our Medical Bill Consultants will ensure you get the maximum amount reduced on your bills.

Attorneys we service:

Hospital Bill AuditIf your client is being sued for non-payment of a bill:

  • We can produce evidence and documentation to support violations in billing practices.

If your client has been injured in an accident and there is a maximum benefit payout:

  • We can help to significantly reduce their medical bills to be within the limit of the payout by the insurance company. This protects the settlement, since otherwise the hospital would balance bill the patient for the difference.

If your client’s insurance company has denied medical claims for any reason:

  • We can identify denials conflicting with contractual obligations and/or violations of insurance regulations.

If your client is suing a medical provider or facility for malpractice, often called “medical mishaps”:

  • We can identify all charges related to the misadventure that occurred and establish the medical provider’s and/or facility’s “character” by pointing out erroneous items and services and most especially price gouging.
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