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  • Creative Medical Bill Item Descriptions (to Charge You More Money)Apr 13th 2017
    Creative Medical Bill Item Descriptions (to Charge You More Money)

    Perhaps you have seen medical bills first-hand that contain explanations for charges that just seem ludicrous. A fancy description of an item or service can lead patients to refrain from questioning their medical bills. Maybe you had no idea that things like this occur. It happens more often than you would think. Sadly, if you…

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  • Medigap Plan: What is it and Should You Have One?Mar 6th 2017
    Medigap Plan: What is it and Should You Have One?

      The terms “Medicare”, “Medicaid” and “Medigap” can be confusing to understand, and the details of each can be overwhelming. Especially as you near retirement age, you will likely hear more and more about each of these types of coverage. Medicare is health insurance for Americans aged 65 or older, those under 65 with certain…

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  • The Fate of America’s HealthcareFeb 13th 2017
    The Fate of America’s Healthcare

    On February 7, Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz faced off in a debate regarding the fate of  America’s healthcare. There is still a lot of confusion and mystery surrounding what will ultimately become of America’s healthcare system. The primary purpose of the debate was to discuss whether the Affordable Care Act should be repealed…

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  • Ways to Save on Healthcare CostsJan 27th 2017
    Ways to Save on Healthcare Costs

    Many Americans struggle to pay for medical care and try to find ways to reduce healthcare costs. With rising premiums and deductibles, it’s crucial to find ways to make sure you are not overpaying on medical care. Use these tips to ensure that you don’t pay more than you owe on medical bills. Get a detailed, itemized…

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